College Art Association 2018 Annual Meeting 
Los Angeles, CA 
February 21-24, 2018 


The National Council of Arts Administrators invites its members to apply to present at CAA-L.A. 2018. This session will feature a succession of fifteen-minute presentations on the following topic:

 Transforming Communities Through the Arts 

 This panel will present various strategies, case studies, and successful community partnerships that have shown the power of the arts when they extend into local communities. “Creative Placemaking” is an evolving field that connects public, private and community partners to strategically shape the social character of neighborhoods, and help transform communities physically and contribute to their social and economic vitality. We are particularly interested in identifying what students can learn by exploring the challenges and opportunities of this community-related work that includes collaboration with the arts.


  • Generate and share compelling, illuminating, and creative ways of thinking about issues in arts administration
  • Produce a session with relevance for arts administrators and a focus on current issues in higher education
  • Provoke compelling discussions that yield genuine insight 
  • Provide take-away tools, skills, and ideas, especially for new arts administrators
  • Presenters should work from the perspective of helping peer administrators become more adaptable, flexible, and better prepared for the surprises inherent in leading college and university programs


  • Each topic will be a short talk and/or visual presentation, no more than 15 minutes in length
  • Each presentation will ideally offer new insights, tools, ideas, and/or interesting perspectives
  • Please send your proposed topic title and brief presentation description—350 words or fewer—by Friday, June 30, 2017 to: Lynne Allen ( and David LaPalombara (
  • The NCAA Board will review proposals and notify applicants by Friday, August 4, 2017