Announcing the 2017-18 New Administrator Fellows and Their Mentors

Fellow: Dave Beck, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Mentor: Greg Watts,  University of North Texas

Fellow: Audrey G. Bennett, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mentor: Nan Goggin, University of Illinois

Fellow: Arnold Holland, Cal State Fullerton
Mentor: A. Blake Pearce, Valdosta State University

Fellow: O. Gustavo Plascencia, Memphis College of Art
Mentor: Patricia Olynyk, Washington University

Fellow: Beth Thomas, SUNY New Paltz

Mentor: Hester Stinnett, Professor, Tyler School of Art at Temple

Fellow: Maureen Quigley, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Mentor: Peter Chametzky, Director, School of Visual Art & Design, University of South Carolina

Read more about the newest Fellows here: New Fellows!

• Waiver of conference registration and a one-year membership in NCAA;
• Being paired with a distinguished and experienced administrator/mentor at the conference;
• Submitting a brief post-conference written account of the experience to be posted at the NCAA web site;
• An opportunity to make a presentation at an NCAA Annual Conference.

Congratulations to this distinguished class of fellows--and heartfelt thanks to our mentors Patricia, Peter, Nan, Greg, Hester and Blake.