Nominate a Board Director

National Conference of Arts Administrators

NCAA is a community of current and future arts administrators in higher education cultivating leadership and sharing solutions.

Each year, the National Council of Arts Administrators holds an election of officers (3) at the Annual General Meeting (held during the annual conference,) for a four year term on the Board of Directors. The membership elects officers from a slate of nominees, initially nominated by members and vetted by the Nomination Committee in advance of the election to ensure a fair representation of the membership and skills.

Election to the Board comes with the expectation of significant participation in, and responsibility for the governance of the organization, including leadership on various sub-committees, representation at other professional organizations and attendance at conferences. To this end, and in the interests of locating the best-qualified and most interested parties, the Board has designed the following application form.

No incumbent nominations are accepted. Former board members must wait two years before being eligible to be considered for election to the board. These rules ensure an ever fresh set of ideas informing and supporting our organization. Long live NCAA!

Please note the following:

    • All nominees must be nominated by a member in good standing of the NCAA.
    • There are no self-nominations.
    • Nominators must ensure that the nominee is willing to accept the nomination before submitting the Nomination Form

Nominate a Board Director