Announcing the 2017-18 New Administrator Fellows and Their Mentors

Fellow: Dave Beck, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Mentor: Greg Watts,  University of North Texas

Fellow: Audrey G. Bennett, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mentor: Nan Goggin, University of Illinois

Fellow: Arnold Holland, Cal State Fullerton
Mentor: A. Blake Pearce, Valdosta State University

Fellow: O. Gustavo Plascencia, Memphis College of Art
Mentor: Patricia Olynyk, Washington University

Fellow: Beth Thomas, SUNY New Paltz

Mentor: Hester Stinnett, Professor, Tyler School of Art at Temple

Fellow: Maureen Quigley, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Mentor: Peter Chametzky, Director, School of Visual Art & Design, University of South Carolina

Read more about the newest Fellows here: New Fellows!

• Waiver of 2016 conference registration and a one-year membership in NCAA;
• Being paired with a distinguished and experienced administrator/mentor at the conference;
• Submitting a brief post-conference written account of the experience to be posted at the NCAA web site;
• an opportunity to make a presentation at the 2017 NCAA Annual Conference.

Congratulations to this distinguished class of fellows--and heartfelt thanks to our mentors Patricia, Peter, Nan, Greg, Hester and Blake.


NCAA Board Positions: 2017/18

The Board (new members included) convened in Tuscon on Saturday morning and elected new/continuing officers and added/reinstated committee members.

That morning's results:

Lynne Allen, Boston University 
Past President
Elissa Armstrong, Virginia Commonwealth University
Peter Chametzky, University of South Carolina
Cathy Pagani, The University of Alabama
Past Treasurer
Andrea Eis, Oakland University 

Communications Committee
Colin Blakely, University of Arizona
Jeni Mokren, SUNY New Paltz

Membership Committee
Peter Chametzky, University of South Carolina 
A. Blake Pearce, Valdosta State University
Elissa Armstrong, Virginia Commonwealth University

Fellows Committee
A. Blake Pearce, Valdosta State University
Joe Poshek, Irvine Valley College

Nominations Committee
Michael Fels, Elon University
Jade Jewett, California State University, Fullerton 

Conference Committee
David LaPalombara, Ohio University
Charles Kanwischer, Bowling Green University 


Congratulations to the Newly Elected NCAA Directors

Colin Blakely, University of Arizona
Jade Jewett, California State University, Fullerton
Charles Kanwischer, Bowling Green State University  

Many thanks are due to the newest members of the NCAA Board of Directors. Their expertise will augment the skills brought to the table by our ongoing board members: Lynne Allen, (Past President) Elissa Armstrong, Peter Chametzky, Michael Fels, Nan Goggin, David LaPalombara, Jeni Mokren, A. Blake Pearce, Joe Poshek, and Cathy Pagani. We bid a fond farewell to Tom Berding, Nan Goggin and Leslie Bellavance who both served admirably! The election took place during the 45rd Annual NCAA Conference, hosted by The University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ!