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Faculty Focus, Academic Leadership Articles:


Center for Creative Leadership is a site you must register for, but there is a free level with access to most articles and newsletters


Center for Creative Leadership, Books:


Faculty Development

Faculty Focus, Faculty Development Articles


Student Welfare, Engagement, and Learning

You'll Never Learn! Students can't resist multi-tasking, and it's impairing their memory:


Faculty Focus, Teaching and Learning Articles:


Susan Cain's Blog, Quiet: The Power of Introverts:


Tough Questions on Texting in the Classroom, by Maryellen Weimer, PhD:


Millennial Students and Middle Aged Faculty: A Learner-centered Approach Toward Bridging the Gap, by Joan Flaherty:


The Teaching Professor Blog:


Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn, by Cathy N. Davidson:


Promotion, Tenure, Reappointment Challenges


Administrative Challenges

CAA Resource List for Standards and Guidelines, clickable links:


CAA Resource Directory for Diversity Practices, clickable links::


CAA Resource Directory for Intellectual Property and the Arts, clickable links::


"Academic Leadership 2.0" (2013)

What will it take to demonstrate that colleges and universities are more than employment agencies?

By Jeffrey L. Buller


"The Road to Pathways" (2013)

A tale of faculty and trustees.

By Sandi Cooper


Supporting Arts and Humanities in the Academic


a2ru, Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities:


Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities

Martha Nussbaum, Princeton University Press (2010):


NEA Publications: Arts Education, including "The Arts in Human Development":


President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities:


"Humanities Committee Sounds An Alarm," New York Times (2013)


"Humanities and Social Sciences Are Central to National Goals, Report Argues," The Chronicle of Higher Ed (2013)


American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences (2013)

Includes a wealth of links, on the left, that include resources and recent statements of support from other organizations (including CAA)


Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together (TED, 2002):


Liz Coleman's call to reinvent liberal arts education (TED, 2009):


Princeton's Tilghman Calls U's Crucial to the Arts (2012):


Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education (2007):


The Arts and the Creation of Mind, by Elliot Eisner (2004):


Why STEM Should Care About the Humanities (2012):


More STEM Majors Won't Solve Higher Education's Problems:


The Future of X: Allison Carruth on Art-Science Collaboration (2012):


General Arts Information

National Endowment for the Arts:


General Academic Information

Academe Blog

Blog of Academe Magazine:


Academe Magazine, the publication of the American Association of University Professors

General issues of interest regarding management, tenure, human resources:


The Chronicle of HIgher Education:


College Art Association:


Changing Educational Landscapes: MOOCs, and More

Sugata Mitra, build a school in the cloud:


Access and Quality in Self Organized Learning Environments:


Sir Ken Robinson at TED on schools, creativity, and educational revolution:


MOOC Students Who Got Offline Help, Scored Higher:


Colleges Adapt Online Courses to Ease Burden (2013):


The Professors Who Make the MOOCs (includes survey results):


California's Move Toward MOOCs Sends Shock Waves, but Key Questions Remain Unanswered:


Digital Humanities Now, the best of Digital Humanities scholarship:


ProfHacker, Tips About Teaching, Technology, and Productivity:


Community for On-line Art Schools


Technology in Action

Faculty Focus, Teaching with Technology Articles:


Digital Humanities Now, the best of Digital Humanities scholarship:


ProfHacker, Tips About Teaching, Technology, and Productivity:


Digital Humanities Questions and Answers, Association for Computers and the Humanities:


Humanities 3.0: Tooling Up For Digital Humanities (Stanford):



Where do ideas come from? 5 talks (TED)


The creative spark, 10 talks (TED)


Neil Gaiman's "Make Good Art" commencement address at the University of the Arts, 2012


Consultants and Moderators

For Leadership, Education, etc.


Conference and Event Planning and Management

eVenues, event and conference planning informational site/blog:


Examples of Conference and Event Planning management from a variety of educational institutions in the United States:  (some broken links, but this page itself is useful)


Event/Conference Planner checklists and forms:


Self Help Module, Event Management- downloadable pdf. For general community events, but brings up some very helpful points/concerns/issues/strategies for all events:


Looking for event management software? Capterra is a good bet. Use the drop-down filters at the top of the page to customize your search based on platform, size of event, location, and budget:


G2 Crowd has a resource very similar to Capterra, but with more reviews and products listed. A great fit and awesome resource for members.


Pinkee, free event management software online. Basically, if your event is free, it's free to use Pinkee. Pinkee collects a fee only if you are charging for an event:


etouches, event planning in the cloud. If you have the resources, there is event planning software online. For example, etouches' Quad (event basics) package will do this. Their product, Quad, includes eHome, eReg, eMarketing and eSurvey. Pricing is based on the number of overall registrants over a period of time, and includes activation, web-based live training, 24/7 technical support, and access to the client support portal featuring live chat:


Cvent- pay service for event planning and surveys:


Syllabi, Rubrics, and Other Pragmatics

Service Learning, example syllabi in Art:


Exemplary syllabi gathered by UMass (featuring syllabi from across the country) using community engaged teaching and learning:


Sample honors course syllabi, National Collegiate Honors Council:


UNC, brief syllabus guide, with examples:


UT Austin syllabus database with search features:


Stanford syllabi online with drop down menu search:


Coleman Fellows Program, Arts Entrepreneurship syllabus exchange:


Helpful Hints and Sample Syllabi, Ohio Higher Ed University System of Ohio:


This section presents syllabi developed by CAA members whose teaching methods incorporate and expand on issues of diversity. Seems to be a resource in development:


Creating an Advising Syllabus:


Sample academic advising syllabi from a variety of colleges and universities:


Digital Humanities syllabus with clickable links:


Course Design


Protocols and Processes