Initiatives to Increase Support for Adjunct Faculty
April 12, 2023
10am EST on Zoom  AND 5pm on Zoom

The number of adjunct faculty members in higher education has been increasing
nationally over the past two decades. There has been robust debate about employing
adjuncts, given concerns about low pay, poor access to benefits, lack of inclusion in
academic decision-making, and little support outside the classroom. Given the growing
reliance on part-time faculty it is important to find ways of supporting adjuncts that
both honor their contributions to our programs and promote the quality of education
they offer to our students.

We will discuss adjunct faculty initiatives, in addition to higher pay, that supports this
important sector and Adjunct Quality Assurance to satisfy our accreditors.

Hosted by:
Paige Williams / Academic Dean, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Jenn Gardner Selby / Chair, Art & Design / Executive Director of Transfer & University Partnerships
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
O. Gustavo Plascencia /Dean of Visual Arts, New World School of the Arts